OAU announced the release of forms for aspirants to take part in the post-UTME exams for her 2022/23 academic session. Ever since the announcement, thousands of aspirants have already started registering and the number is expected to increase in the coming days.

It is also important to note that registration is just the first step to getting into the institution, but passing the exam itself is the priority. What are you doing to prepare? Are you home training or getting taught in low-budget tutorial centres or by inexperienced and incapable tutors? Passing OAU post-UTME exam requires quality and adequate preparation if not you’ll likely not get your desired score and ultimately, get admission into the prestigious University.

Get 100% prepared with IOI CBT post-UTME practice. We have curated likely questions for 2022/2023 OAU post-UTME exam to help you pass the upcoming UTME exams. Grab this opportunity to practice on our platform for free. Click here to get started to get

So, to get admitted into Africa’s most beautiful campus you need to do more and IOI is invested in helping you get adequately prepared if you let her.

IOI post-UTME CBT practice is live now and available to all OAU aspirants along with other benefits such as Free Mentoring and advice, regular tips and updates, all required information needed for the exam and many more. So, log in to our UTME practice website at utmeportal.insideoau.com to gain access to our post-UTME free version. Also, you can upgrade to our post-UTME practice pro version and practice unlimited post-UTME tests for just 1,500.

Don’t be left behind take the necessary steps required to be an OAU student, grab this opportunity and we’ll be expecting you at Obafemi Awolowo University soon.

For more enquiries visit our office at OAU central market beside OGD tutors or send us a message via our business line 2347087679924.