Just a few hours ago, the Academic Staff Union Of Universities (ASUU) had a meeting with religious leaders, where they appealed to them to call of the strike as soon as possible. It should be recalled that ASUU chairman Professor Osodeke said “It is an appeal and our members would consider it. It is not a request but an appeal and appeals are usually for consideration”.

The national leaders of ASUU and Joint Action Committee (JAC) of SENIOR STAFF ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIAN UNIVERSITIES (SSANU) and NON-ACADEMIC STAFF UNION (NASU), Prof Emmanuel Osodeke and Mr Mohammed Ibrahim, respectively told PUNCH correspondent that the Federal Government and all stakeholders in the education sector and religious leaders had a meeting with the four unions but no strong agreements were reached.

Professor Osodeke went ahead and said He said, “We are not aware that we are calling off the strike. We met but there was nothing concrete between us and the government. Like we said before, we do not want promises, we want actions, if they show action and implement all the issues, we will go to our members, but knowing their antecedents, we know they will not do anything.

This is to tell the public that, the 12-weeks strike might not be called-off!

Source: PUNCH

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It’s no longer news that the  National President  of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (Asuu) is  mobilising  its members in  preparation  for a Possible Indefinite strike.

Earlier, the  Academic  Staff Union of  Universities  (ASUU) postponed its decision on strike, saying that  consultation is on.

This was contained in a press statement issued by the union after its  National Executive Council  meeting.

ASUU  has announced  14th February 2022  as the latest date to reveal the  union’s  Final Decision on the  planned  strike.

This means that on Valentine’s day which is 14th day of February  the Academic Staff Union of Universities (Asuu) will either declare or Postpone its Planned strike.

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Although, the majority of ASUU branches ( Both State and federal universities) are fully in support of an indefinite strike.

ASUU branches have enjoined the national body of the union to embark on a total and  indefinite  strike if the federal  government  fails to honour agreements reached with it today.

We await their conclusion tomorrow!

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Obafemi Awolowo University ASUU lecturers have today embarked on an indefinite strike. This news was made known to the Great Ife populace after the union’s congress. Before now, the Union had expressed their grievances to the federal government over unpaid bonuses that was promised.

Check out details of the ASUU congress below;

The Congress was called to order at about 10.16 am. Items on the agenda were adopted as follows: (i) Update an EAA Disbursement.

Update on EAA Disbursement

Chairman briefed congress on the series of engagement the executive has had with some senior members of the University community. He also reported his phone conversation with the Vice Chancellor. Congress noted that there was no serious commitment on the part of the University to effect payment of EAA to deserving members. Congress also noted that all political and diplomatic means to resolve the imbroglio has failed. Consequently, the congress resolved that:
i. Total, Comprehensive and Indefinite Strike should commence immediately.
ii. The strike must not be called off without a congress resolution to the effect.
iii. Payment of EAA must be based on ASUU computation. Anything short of this would unacceptable.
iv. The Strike Coordinating Committee be set up to monitor the strike.

Based on the above and on the strength of the permission granted by ASUU National
President, the Chairman, on behalf of the congress declared the commencement of ASUU OAU’s strike at exactly 11:53 am.

Adjournment: Congress rose at about 12 noon.

As it stands, the strike has been declared officially, but not all lecturers would go on strike as not all lecturers are under OAU ASUU. OAU lecturers are partly divided into 2 unions, ASUU and CONUA. While the lecturers under ASUU are on strike the lectures under CONUA will continue giving students lectures.

As a result of this, it’s adviceable for students to remain on campus and attend the available lectures. Moreso, study ahead for courses in which the lecturers are on strike.

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First Date; Omoh!!!!…. The thoughts of first dates can be so stressing that it gives you a constant session of nervous chills. I mean we’ve all gotten to know that first impression actually last longer so the thought of doing below standards and giving a subpar impression at a first date especially when the person is someone we like or have crush on, that nervous feeling can be so overwhelming.
But fear not, if you are reading this InsideOau got you covered on how you can ace your first date. As a matter of fact, this blog post was written because of you. So, no phor!!!

Basically, the tenets of dates are built on three factors, which are; where you go, what you do, and who you’re with.
These unarguably are the main factors that determines the outcome a date… Get these things aligned right with your date partner and you are going to have the best first dates ever.

When it comes to first date, the thing is often overly excited which is a very beautiful thing, believe me. And at the same time very anxious to not want to ruin the beautiful moments both parties would be sharing.
So, amigo below are some of the tips you can follow first time on a date:

  1. The first thing you might want to consider is dressing nicely but at the same, most comfortably.
    Nothing boosts or signifies confidence than a well-dressed person. So, make sure you dress well to create a good first lasting impression. You don’t need to go overboard with the dressing but you should make sure when your date sees you, you leave him or her no choice than to say “wow, you look very much gorgeous or dashing’’. Remember to wear a cologne as well. Our nose is quite sensitive, so yes impress their eyes and bless their nose.
  2. Be natural and yourself as possible: When on date for the first time with someone, you should be natural. This is for both genders, do not force it let it flow naturally. Be plain, do not show off. I mean do not say what you won’t do, do not let the conversation be made of lies and be simple too. Get to know each other. Do not be clumsy, just relax and don’t forget to maintain eye contact, it is very important.
    How are you going to have fun and connect with your date if you can’t relax and feel at ease with them? No amount of advice or techniques will be able to forge a genuine connection. So, try to be yourself without much or any complications.
  3. Another expo or should I say AOC is giving maximum attention to the person you are out with.
    Most of us are so fond with or our phones, we can’t do without them for some few mins, believe me it ruins a good moment. It makes your date partner feel not worthy of the occasion. To avoid that, try maintaining a rapt attention, so both parties can live in and enjoy the moments.

Your phones shouldn’t be on loud speaker. This is to avoid distraction as you don’t want your partner to feel disrespected. No matter how much your pals are laughing at that TikTok someone just shared, you don’t need to check those texts right now. Ignoring outside distractions demonstrates your commitment to the shared experience and makes your date feel valued.

And if you are business kinda type that get calls all the time, try putting your phone on silent, could pick your calls but only right after taking permission from your date partner and do well to kindly apologize later after the call for the disturbance.

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  1. Listen appropriately, and have a two – way conversation: You should inculcate the habit of listening as well as giving appropriate responses and even sprout up further topics of discourse. It shows you are really interested in the whole deal of the date occasion. The fact that you’re truly interested in learning about them will impress your date even more. Active listening goes a long way. Also, try to remember every details, there might be an interruption and you guys need to continue from where you stopped. So, you need to be a good listener to remember details.

Don’t brag or talk too much about yourself. Your date is interested in you, therefore use your past to lure them. Also, talk about them; they’ll be more impressed if you show interest in them and their achievements. Inquire about their education or job goals if you’re searching for expo on that. Then inquire as to what motivated them to choose their career or their ‘’ideal anything’’

  1. Get prepared beforehand and go prepared: You don’t want to go to a date event and run out of topic ideas to talk about. So, make sure you have some topics ready and registered in your mind you’d like to be discussed with your date partner. Consider the types of questions you could ask, as well as some intriguing responses to any inquiries that may arise. This would give you an edge on your date.
  2. A date occasion is not complete without the right follow up. We all cherish the feeling of being loved and cared about. Hence, a follow up. A subtle message or call to say thank you for a nice time would really strengthen the third mainland bridge of their hearts for you. Note a good first date is only as good as the follow-up, which involves setting up another date
    So, that’s that about that, We’ve given you in succinct terms the tips that would get you along in your first date, so the next thing is for you to get confident, rock that beautiful smile and head out for your first date.
    Remember the three tenets of dates which are; where you go, what you do, and who you’re with.
    Also, try to have a good time, laugh a lot, and appreciate each other. At the very least, you’ll make a new buddy as a result of the date.
    Go nail it amigo!
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ASUU made this known on Tuesday, saying government officials have been put on alert, adding that some of its members are being owed 16 months salaries.

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ASUU further stated that in addition to members being owed salaries, salaries of members are still being deducted, lamenting that nothing tangible has been done about it.

The union urged the Federal Government to resolve the issue before its NEC meets next month to avoid a fresh crisis in the system.

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“We have some of our members whose salaries are still being deducted; you have some of them going home with N26, 000, some going home with N47,000; Some are being owed for 16 months and nothing tangible has been done about it.

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“We have put government officials on alert and we have told them to resolve everything before our NEC meets next month to avoid a fresh crisis in the system,” ASUU stated.


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Members of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) are warning against another strike, following the refusal of the AGF to pay their salaries.

This warning and threat is coming after their claim of the deliberate refusal of the Accountant-General of the Federation, Mr Ahmed Idris, to pay salaries and remittance of check-off dues of over 1,000 staff members for 13 months.

Dr Lazarus Maigoro, the ASUU chairman for the University of Jos, issued out this threat in a press statement made available to Journalists in Jos, the capital city of Plateau State.

Maigoro also accused the AGF of fanning the flames of discord between the Federal Government and the Union.

The statement reads in part;

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“Despite the directive given by Mr. President to pay the salaries of all Lecturers, the AGF has refused to pay their salaries ranging from four to 13 months respectively.

“Many of our members in the University of Jos and across the country have not been paid salaries from February 2020 to date.

“The AGF has completely violated the terms of the agreement signed between our union and the Federal Government.

“Ahmed Idris, from all intent and purposes, is bent on withholding the salaries of over one-thousand members of ASUU spread across Nigeria with more than a hundred of such Lecturers being members of our Branch in the University of Jos.

“More worrisome is the fact that while Idris is refusing to pay these salaries, his staff in the OAGF are busy calling the affected Lecturers and insisting they’ve to register with IPPIS before they are paid; some are even asked to forfeit a part of their salaries in order to be paid. So it’s very clear that this is a deliberate act on the part of the AGF and his staff”.

We however hope that both parties reach a meaning conclusion by resolving all issues in time as the failure to could cost Nigerian students another academic year.


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Academic Staff Union of Universities has called on the FG to resolve outstanding issues before suspension of its 10-month strike, to guarantee peace in universities. The union said government was indebted to many of its members in different universities, with between 3 and 14 months arrears owed.

ASUU President, Prof Emmanuel Osodeke, said these in an interview with Sunday PUNCH. Asked what would happen should government remain recalcitrant, he said he would continue from where his predecessor, Prof Biodun Ogunyemi, stopped.

“It is continuity, we run a collective leadership. So, it’s continuity from where my immediate predecessor stopped. It (the crisis) is not yet over. Government has the opportunity to ensure that crises are over. It is just to implement those things,” Osodeke said.

According to him, after developing the University Transparency and Accountability Solution as an alternative to the controversial Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System, ASUU members are “bleeding” while people are being paid what pleases the office of the Accountant General of the Federation.

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Osodeke said, “You know we were on strike till late last year. We reached an agreement on how to implement the outstanding issue with the government. We will expect the government to implement those issues with timelines.

“They have reneged on a number of them in line with the timelines. But, we believe it is not late; they can still resolve those issues for the peace and development of our universities. They cut your salary today, they pay those who they want to pay today, they withdraw those next week; they expect those people to come to Abuja to come and beg them or look for other things for them. So, these cannot continue in a university system.

“As a union, we don’t love strike because we have our children here. 99% of lecturers in Nigeria have their children in Nigerian universities, unlike the politicians who are actually destroying the system. How many of them have their children in this country?”

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Gives FG 2-weeks ultimatum to address issues

The Non-teaching staff in the varsities, Friday announced that they will be proceeding on what they described as a total and comprehensive nationwide strike on 5th February 2021 following the inability of the Federal Government to address their concerns.

The non-teaching staff under the umbrella of Joint Action Committee, JAC, comprising the Non-Academic Staff Union of Educational and Associated Institutions, NASU, and the Senior Staff Association of Nigeria Universities, SSANU also announced the immediate commencement of a two-week warning strike.

Be reminded that the unions have made series of attempts to draw attention to the Government over latent and growing industrial tension in the university system but all to no avail.

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The two unions had last week embarked on a three-day protest over the alleged government failure to honour the Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, signed with them on 20th October 2020.

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Besides, the unions have lamented over the difficulties members were passing through as a result of enrollment in the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System, IPPIS and the discrepancy in the sharing of the N40 billion Earned Allowances to the four university-based unions where the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU alone was allocated 75 percent of the total sum.

Addressing journalists in Abuja, JAC of the unions led by the National President of SSANU, Comrade Mohammed Ibrahim and General Secretary NASU, Prince Peters Adeyemi, said out of the seven issues under contention, only one was partially resolved.

They listed the issues which include inconsistencies in IPPIS payment, non-payment of Earned Allowances, non-payment of arrears of national minimum wage, delay in a renegotiation of FG/NASU and SSANU 2009 agreement, non-payment of retirement benefits of outgone members.

Other issues are; teaching staff usurping headship of non-teaching units in clear violation of conditions of service and establishment procedures, neglect and poor funding of state universities, and non-constitution of visitation panels for universities.

In the prepared text read by the NASU General Secretary, Prince Adeyemi, JAC said: “Out of the seven issues, only one has been partially resolved while the other six issues have not been attended to by the government, three months after the Memorandum of Understanding was signed.”

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JAC noted that after the congress held at its branches nationwide, 90 percent of NASU members were in support of a strike and 10 percent stood against crippling activities in universities. While 83 percent of SSANU members were in support of embarking on strike, 11 percent were against the strike and six percent were indifferent.

“It is in line with the resolution of our members nationwide that the leadership of the joint action committee of NASU and SSANU hereby resolve as follows;

“That members of NASU and SSANU shall embark on an indefinite, comprehensive, and total strike with effect from midnight of Friday, 5th February 2021.

“That two weeks’ notice effective from today, Friday 22nd January 2021, is hereby given to the government and relevant stakeholders of this development.”

Source: Vanguardngr

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The National Universities Commission has directed Vice-Chancellors of Universities to suspend academic activities involving large crowds on their campuses.

The decision came barely three days after the Academic Staff Union of Universities suspended its nine-month-old strike.

The Federal Government, had also issued a circular directing Officers on Grade Level 12 and below to stay at home for a period of five weeks, effective from Wednesday December, 23 2020, following the resurgence in the number of COVID-19 cases.

Meanwhile, it was earlier reported that Students will embark on mass protest if ASUU resumes strike – NANS

The NUC in a circular by its Deputy Executive Secretary (Administration), Chris Maiyaki, said classrooms, hostel accommodation, conferences and seminars should be suspended.

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The commission also directed that universities should remain closed during the intervening period, pending further directives by goverment on the reopening of schools.

Maiyaki said, “Vice-Chancellors are to please note that the directive is part of the measures approved by Mr. President to mitigate the second wave of coronavirus infections in the country.

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“The affected officers are expected to perform their duties from home while those on GL13 and above should strictly adhere to the extant preventive measures, including maintenance of physical distancing, regular washing of hands and/or sanitizing of hands, wearing of face masks and reducing the number of visitors to offices.”

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After nine months of a nationwide strike, the National President of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) announced on Wednesday the 23rd of December, 2020 that its strike has be called off conditionally. However, on that same day (yesterday), the President of the Union indicated that it would resume its suspended strike in February, 2021 if the Federal Government fails to implement the agreements it signed with the Union members.

The National President of ASUU, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi,  disclosed this in an exclusive interview with The PUNCH in Lagos while throwing more light on the decision of the union to suspend its nine-month strike.

Meanwhile, after ASUU ended its industrial action on Wednesday, non-academic unions in universities threatened to embark on their own strike over a N40bn earned allowance which the government had promised to release to all unions. According to them, the sharing formula for the money as unfair.

It is important to note that ASUU had on March 23rd, 2020 begun a nationwide strike over the Federal Government’s insistence that all its employees must register for the  Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS).

The federal government posited that the IPPIS was out to eliminate fraud and every other form of irregularities. However, the union stated that it should not be applicable to universities on the grounds that it violated their autonomy.

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In the light of this, ASUU developed the University Transparency and Accountability Solution (UTAS), which it said would meet the peculiarities of universities.

Prior to Tuesday’s meeting between both parties, they had disagreed over UTAS, which the FG said would only be adopted if it was in line with the IPPIS.

Apart from its opposition to the IPPIS, other demands of ASUU are; the set up of visitation panels for universities, payment of earned academic allowances and revitalisation of infrastructure in various varsities.

Ogunyemi in his interview with The PUNCH on Wednesday evening, said if the government reneged on its promises, members of the union would not hesitate to withdraw their services.

Meanwhile, at an earlier press conference in Abuja, he said the union would as from 12am on Thursday (today) suspend its strike.

The decision to suspend the strike, according to Ogunyemi, was unanimously agreed upon by the National Executive Committee of the union, after considering reports from the national secretariat and various branches.

While assuring  Nigerians that ASUU would fulfil its own part of the agreements it reached with the government, Ogunyemi warned that the union would not hesitate to resume its suspended strike should the government fail to play its own part.

According to him, members of the union are willing and ready to return to the classrooms and laboratories to rekindle the aspirations of its members to encourage their students to excel.

Ogunyemi further urged parents to take prime interest in their children’s welfare, learning, better funding, better laboratories, and free development to enable them to compete with their counterparts globally.

He said, “After diligent and careful appraisal of the various reports, especially the agreements reached by ASUU with the Federal Government of Nigeria on December 22, 2020, NEC resolved as follows:

“To accept the agreements reached between ASUU and the Federal Government on December 22, 2020, to consciously and diligently monitor the implementation of the FGN-ASUU agreements of December 22,  2020 in all branches.

“To ensure that no ASUU member suffers any loss of deserved benefits as a result of participation in the strike, to pursue fervently FGN-ASUU agreements in 2009 and the MoA (memoranda of agreements) 2013.”

According to him, both sides also agreed that  the earned academic allowances should be backed by a law and the amendment of the Executive Bill in respect of the National Universities Commission (NUC) Act, 2004.

He added, “Finally, NEC resolved to conditionally suspend the strike action embarked upon on March 23, 2020, with effect from 12:01am on Thursday,  December 24, 2020.”

While shedding more light on ASUU’s insistence on the implementation of the 2009 agreements, Ogunyemi stated that the objectives of the agreements were found to have been made even more potent by the findings of the Federal Government Committee on the Needs Assessment of Nigerian Universities in 2012.

He stressed that the agreements, when implemented, would reverse the decay in the Nigerian university system and reposition it for greater responsibilities in national development;

Ogunyemi also stated that the implementation of the agreement would reverse the brain drain in universities and enhance the remuneration of academic staff.

According to him, university lecturers would be freed from  “the encumbrances of a unified civil service wage structure.”

Later in an interview with The PUNCH on Wednesday evening, the president of ASUU said government made promises about the demands of the union.

He said government promised to release N30bn to the union before the end of the month for the revitalisation of universities.

He stated, “The Federal Government made promises about our demands and we have timelines attached to them. On the demand for revitalisation,  they promised to give N30b before the end of this month.

“They promised earned academic allowances. On the visitation panel, they have told us part of the preparations. We talked about renegotiation that is going. We have had two meetings already and more meetings will continue in the New Year.”

According to him, the law on state universities and the National Universities Commission is being reviewed and sent to the National Assembly.

He also said substantial progress had been made on UTAS, adding that the union was awaiting its final adoption after its verification by the  National Information Technology Development Agency.

Ogunyemi also said, “The withheld salaries are being released. So with that,  we believe that normalcy should return to our universities. We made it clear, if government reneges,  our members are ready to withdraw their services and we made that clear to government.

“By end of February,  we are going to review the situations  with the government so that with that there is a kind of monitoring mechanism.”

But as ASUU called off its strike,  non-academic unions in universities on Thursday threatened strike over the sharing of the N40bn earned allowances government promised the unions.

They said they opposed the proposed sharing formula for the N40bn earned allowances which would be divided among all the unions in the public universities.

The Non-Academic Staff Union of Educational and Associated Institutions, the National Association of Academic Technologists and the Senior Staff Association of Nigeria Universities alleged that the government planned to give 75 per cent of the fund to ASUU,   leaving 25 per cent for the other three unions.

Commenting on the issue on Wednesday at a  press conference in Abuja, the National President of NAAT, Ibeji Nwokomma,  said  government should correct the alleged imbalance.

He stated, “My union is rejecting the sharing formula of the earned allowances as it is being done presently by the government. Government has allocated 75 per cent of the money to ASUU and 25 per cent to all  non-teaching unions in the universities. That is grossly inadequate.

“That is robbing Peter to pay Paul and using divide and rule in the university system. No union, not even ASUU,  has the monopoly of opening or closing of schools through strikes; other unions also have that capacity to ensure that the system does not work.

“Secondly, my union, ASUU and other unions negotiated with the government. So, payment of earned allowances will be based on unions. It should be on the basis of the 2009 agreements. That is where the earned allowances are derived from.

“So lumping my union with other non-teaching staff is neither here nor there and totally unacceptable to us.”

Speaking further, Nwokomma said NAAT  signed a memorandum of understanding with the government on November 15, 2020, where it was clearly stated that the government would define what each union would get from the N40bn.

He said, “My union is asking that our own earned allowances should be specified, just like they did to ASUU.  If nothing is done, we will close down the system until we are fairly treated.

“Government should convene a meeting immediately to settle this issue, otherwise, any wish that schools will reopen, they are just wasting their time;  schools will not reopen until these issues are adequately taken care of,” he warned.

The NAAT leader said he was making serious efforts to get in touch with the director and the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Education to draw their attention to the brewing crisis.

In the same vein, SSANU’s National President, Mohammed Ibrahim, said that his union would not accept what he called the lopsided sharing formula.

He said, “Honestly, I believe that this remains a rumour even though I know it could be true; I have seen 75 per cent and 25 per cent.

“But truly, if it is that, we have stated in no uncertain terms that we will not take that kind of lopsided allocation again. What is the scientific measurement used to share this money? We have stated before now that the least we can take is 50-50, they (ASUU members) are not more in numbers.”

“We will not waste time in ensuring that we mobilise our members to also fight for our own. What it means is that government will only listen to a fight. Most of us are administrators for God’s sake and that is why we don’t see strikes as fashionable, but when we are pushed to the wall, we will react.”

Meanwhile,  National President, National Parents’ Association of Nigeria, Haruna Danjuma in an interview, called on government to honour the agreements it reached with ASUU.

Danjuma said by doing this, students would not be sent back home. He appealed to ASUU to jettison going on holidays in order for students to recover what they had lost academically.

He stated,  “Lectures should settle down and prepare themselves so that our children can recover what they had lost in terms of learning. It has been a very unfortunate situation our children found themselves and the children too should prepare themselves after this Christmas break.

“We also want the university authorities to make special arrangements to train our children, even if it means shelving all holidays to make them get all that was lost.

“Government should honour the agreements because it will be a big surprise to Nigerians that ASUU is back on strike again if government fails to honour their demands.”


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