Terms and Condition

Hello there!. My name is Susan and I am the Editor-in-chief of the Inside OAU Blog
 Thank you very much for volunteering.
Kindly take your time while choosing. I believe you showed interest in this recruit for a reason;  hoping to gain something in return, In life, there is always a purpose for every action. Note that there are many other people out there who have what you have to give. So kindly take your time to digest carefully why you joined this brand and what you are hoping to gain in return (Money ❌) and also the sacrifices you have to make as a member of the team.
There is no fixed pay for now but there are other benefits for you to enjoy. You would be aware of that when you make the team !.
There would be a test in which you have to prove your worth. Keep in mind that you are moving for whatever offer you are applying for with at least 10 other persons. There would be a test where you would be providing details concerning yourself, proof of your skills and a few more vital information. Also know that you are required to be active as a team member and make the blog one of your top priorities, this is the most important commitment of yours to the blog. Do you think you have what it takes to take the test?

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